Ernst Richter's Patented Inescapable Gripzange Hold

This hilarious and poignant short film was created as part of the 48 Hour Film Project Los Angeles. Written by Caden Douglas & Michael Lomenda. Directed by Erik Hinrichson. featuring Andrew Carter, Roni Geva, & Tacey Adams.

48 Hour Film Project Los Angeles: Screening Group 'H': Saturday August 18, 4:30pm at Regal Cinemas LA LIVE. Tickets HERE.

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Off the Menu

This delicious romantic comedy from director Jay silverman features a terrific cast including Dania Ramirez, Santino Fontana, Maria COnchita Alonso, Mackenzie Moss, and Andrew Carter.


Now available on HBO, HBO GO, iTunes, Amazon, and most On-Demand platforms

Off the Menu is a romantic comedy starring Dania Ramirez and Santino Fontana about an unlikely heir to a fast food fortune, who goes cuisine hunting for the next culinary big thing and finds himself in a small dusty town where foodies come from all over to salivate over the authentic dishes of a feisty female chef.

Die Mommie Die!

Celebration Theatre & Center Theatre Group 

Now running from May 10 - 20 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles. Tickets available here.

Trapped in a hateful marriage with sleazy film producer Sol (Pat Towne) and desperate to find happiness with her gorgeous young lover Tony (Andrew Carter), aging Hollywood star Angela Arden (Drew Droege) plots to murder her husband. But when her children discover what she's done, they decide to take revenge! An epic comedy with an old Hollywood flair!